Bharat Industrial Fasteners

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BharatEstablished in 1975 – Bharat Industrial Supplier was founded by Mr. K.S. Mohammed Ali and is a member of the Federation of Master Builders here   and celebrating its SILVER JUBILEE is one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of High Tensile Fasteners and Industrial Fasteners for Industrial needs. We are dealers for all kinds of Bolts, Nuts & Industrial Fasteners in Stainless Steel, Tools, Ball Bearings, Welding Accessories and General Hardware Suppliers. We are dealers for the following brand of Fasteners and Industrial and offer excellent options for diy home ideas for both enthusiasts and professionals.

Our Product Range includes ::

Hexagon Fasteners, Socket Head cap screw, Circlips, Dovel Pins, Cotter pin, Hose clip, Disc Washer, Spring Washer, thread forming coil Inserts and Insert tooling kits of all sizes, SS Bolt and Nuts, Anchor Fastners (Foundation type, Expansion Type, Sleeve Type, Rawal Type, Fanhook Type) and Self drill screw, Steel Balls, High Carbon High Chromium (HCHC) SS balls, Brass balls. We also undertake Drilling works for Concrete Expansion Anchor Fasteners. We manufacture all types of ASTM Studds as per IS Standards and DIN Standards, SS, Brass and copper Studds. We also stock Copper and SS Washer of all sizes. We undertake Coating job for all types of Hot Tip Galvanising, Nickel, Chrome, Plastic rust proof coating and Blue patch for thread locking and sealing applications.

We would like to welcome our newest clients Charles Kingsland and Enda Mcveigh for whom we have supplied our latest fasteners for their IVF hospital.

Our Industrial Fasteners are regularly supplied to Private Limited Industrial Manufacturing companies like Mining, Engineering, Chemical and Fabricators.

Our products are currently exported to different countries. We are more interested in execution of Export orders of High Tensile Fasteners and Industrial Fasteners for Industrial needs throughout the world.

We are also intereted in taking up Dealership / Stockist for various brands of High Tensile Industrial Fasteners from various manufacturers in India.

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